Breastfeeding multiple babies can seem a bit overwhelming, but remember this is what your body is meant to do. 

It is important that you get some good information during your pregnancy, have a plan and surround yourself with supportive family and friends.

If you are anticipating multiples in the future here are a few things to consider

  • Register for a breastfeeding prenatal class
  • Attend a la leche league meeting before your babies are born, this is a good place to establish some early support and have questions answered
  • Talk to someone who has breastfed multiples before.  In Niagara, consider connecting with Parents of Multiple Births Association (POMBA)
  • Consider renting a hospital grade pump for after delivery while you are learning how to breastfeed.  Check with your insurance plan to see if there is any coverage for the rental.
  • Start hand expressing early in hospital to establish a good milk supply.  Research is showing that hand expressing within an hour of birth and frequently during the first few days has a huge impact on milk volume later on.  Express a few drops whenever you get the chance.  Before feedings, after feedings, in the shower…the more you express the more you will make. This is advice for a mom of a singleton, but is even more important when establishing a milk supply for two or more. These drops of colostrum can be stored in a syringe and fed by spoon or cup.  
  • If you are anticipating a caesarean section (or even if you are not) this video can be very helpful…and shows twins breastfeeding.

Download La Leche League handout: Breastfeeding Twinstwins



February 2020 - KS