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Attention all Health Care Professionals

Breastfeeding Protocols for Health Professionals: the complete document and 2 of the newly updated protocols as well as other valuable resources can be found on Ontario’s Breastfeeding Resources website.  There is also a series of modules, which are based on the protocols, which can be completed to assist in assessing your knowledge base.  

Get the same information the parents are getting.  Check out this well made prenatal breastfeeding program all done online. Breastfeeding Class Online

It’s always a good idea to recommend to parents to take the prenatal classes offered by the Region. 

Let’s provide all mothers in Niagara with a consistent message!

Online Course for Physicians 

Latching On: How Family Physicians Can Support Breastfeeding Patients (up to 1.0 Mainpro-M1 credits)

This new online FREE module for family physicians provides information on:

  • The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
  • The benefits of breastfeeding and risks associated with formula use
  • The identification and management of common breastfeeding problems
  • Specific resources and services for breastfeeding support and medical management, including when and where to refer.

Access this module anytime, anywhere, from any device: http://ubccpd.ca/course/breastfeeding-fp

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