In the early days breast massage can help the baby get breastmilk quicker.  

You may find the following tips helpful:
  • A warm pack or towel may help the milk to flow easier. (Cold works better if breasts are full and swollen)
  • Support your breast using the C-hold, with one hand on top and one hand underneath
  • Apply pressure by moving the fingers along the breast towards the nipple
  • Rotate around the breast to ensure all areas of the breast are massaged
  • You may want to express a few drops of milk onto the nipple before putting the baby to breast. This will also help your baby get breastmilk easier.

Videos: Find a technique that works for you.  

Hand expression from Stanford University 

Hand Expression and breast massage from Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio

The Basics of Breast Massage and Hand Expression by Maya Bolman