Bed Sharing, Co-Sleeping, Room Sharing or the Family Bed

Throughout BF Getting it Right Black mother and babyhuman history, babies and mothers have slept together, often sharing a sleep surface. Many breastfeeding families around the world find this can often aid in supporting a positive breastfeeding relationship.

Most researchers agree that young babies should sleep in the same room where their parents sleep (called co-sleeping or room-sharing). The point of disagreement is whether parents should be advised against sharing their beds with their babies (called bed-sharing).

Many North American parents are increasingly adopting night-time infant care-giving patterns that include some co-sleeping, especially breastfeeding families. 

To help you make an informed decision and to find important information regarding co-sleeping safety guidelines, please refer to the links below.

Best start: Provincial resource ~Sleep Well 

Health Canada Recommendations for Bed Sharing

Safe Sleep for your Baby

 La Leche League

The Sleep Laboratory: University of Notre Dame

UNICEF/WHO Caring for your Baby at Night

Baby Sleep Classes :
Parents and caregivers will learn tips on healthy sleep for their babies six to 12 months old. The class is led by a public health nurse.

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