Not every woman requires a breatpump, but if you are considering purchasing one, it is important to purchase a pump that will work best in your situation.

Hospital Grade Double Pump

  • is recommended for the first 6 weeks when baby is not latching
  • is useful if separated from the infant for more than 24 hours
  • some mothers find it the most convenient and effective way to pump if they are having difficulties with breastfeeding
  • most effective at increasing milk supply when supply is compromised

Purchased Double Electric Pump

  • after the first six weeks, this pump may be used to maintain a milk supply once it has been well established.
  • often most convenient if mom is returning to work in the first few months after delivery

Hand Pumps

  • meant for short-term or occasional use
  • do not have the self-regulating suction control to maintain a milk supply for more than a day or two
  • best used when breastfeeding is going well

Commonly used Pumps

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Used Breast Pumps

Only breast pumps that are designed for multiple users should be used by more than one person. With the exception of multiple user pumps, the FDA considers breast pumps to be single-user devices. That means that a breast pump should only be used by one woman because there is no way to guarantee the pump can be cleaned and disinfected between uses by different women.

Breast pumps that are reused by different mothers can carry infectious particles, which can make you or your baby sick.

Buying a used breast pump or sharing a breast pump may be a violation of the manufacturer’s warranty and you may not be able to get help from the manufacturer if you have a problem with the pump.


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