While mother’s own milk is the gold standard, many mothers of extremely vulnerable hospitalized babies are unable to provide the necessary volume of milk for their babies. When mother’s own milk is not available or is limited, pasteurized donor milk is recommended as an alternative to formula by The Canadian Paediatric Society for sick hospitalized infants.

Pasteurized donor human milk can help protect the most medically fragile babies against life-threatening illnesses such as necrotizing enterocolitis (a severe bowel condition that preterm babies are prone to), and potentially against serious infections and other complications related to preterm birth. The bioactive components of donor milk, including cytokines, hormones, and enzymes, optimize the health and development of babies, and are unmatched by any commercial formula.

Milk Banking is a common practice worldwide that has received endorsements from the Canadian Paediatric Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization. (taken from the Roger Hixon Milk bank website)

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