Breastfeeding after breast surgery

The ability to breastfeed after breast surgery is dependent on many factors.

  • It is important that you maximize your breastmilk production by removing as much milk as possible in the first two weeks
  • The more milk that is removed during that time, the more milk-making capacity your breasts will have. If you are finding that you can’t pump much volume, just attempting to remove milk by pumping and breastfeeding, can help to increase milk supply. It is very important that in the first two weeks you do everything you can to remove as much milk as possible. The best way to do this is through breastfeeding, but pumping with a hospital grade pump and hand expressing may also be helpful.
  • It may be helpful to keep a diary of feedings, milk expression, wet diapers, dirty diapers and any supplement that is given (expressed breastmilk or formula)

A lactation consultant may be able to assist you in maximizing your milk production and maximizing your breastfeeding experience. For a list of local resources click here

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