There is growing evidence which identifies the lifelong importance of breastfeeding for the health of mothers and babies.  Breastfeeding is a life skill which requires prior knowledge and attitudinal acceptance.

  • One primary way to increase the likelihood of later breastfeeding success and thereby increasing child health is to educate youth about breastfeeding concepts before they conceive and to expose students to experiences and conversation that presents breastfeeding as a normal, expected health behavior.

Please direct students to the student page for

  • Topic ideas for papers and projects that encourage students to think about breastfeeding related to ethical marketing, global initiatives, human rights as well as informed decision making.
  • The opportunity to register for an online class Online Breastfeeding Class where they will learn about breastfeeding messaging, formula advertising and the role of informed decision making for expectant parents
  • The opportunity to sign out our breastfeeding in public life size, cardboard cut outs. A powerful way to talk about the rights of women to breastfeed in public and to explore why this is important. (see our breastfeeding in public campaign)

Ontario Public Health Association Breastfeeding Promotion Network’s response to the Ministry of Education’s Ontario’s Education Strategy: “From Great to Excellent”

OPHA Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup’s Breastfeeding Information and Activity Kit for Secondary School Teachers