Breastfeeding is the biological and physiological norm for Photo_Community_01humans.

Society and artificial baby milk companies have in many ways demeaned the importance of this natural process.  This has created numerous barriers that all breastfeeding families must be aware of and often confront.

How do we ensure a mother has a successful breastfeeding experience when:

  • her baby is separated from her at birth and fed formula in the early post partum period?
  • she receives free formula upon discharge from her healthcare providers?
  • the remedy recommended for most breastfeeding challenges is formula supplementation?
  • she is being cared for by healthcare professionals who may not have received any formal education in the management of breastfeeding?
  • breastfeeding support is not always available when needed?

Here in Niagara, we are working together to confront these issues and provide an environment that is more supportive of breastfeeding both in hospital and community.

If you have suggestions, feedback, would like to be part of our coalition or volunteer for some of our community events please email us at