Many women express their milk using an electric or manual pump.  Although it may feel strange at first to use a machine to get milk from your breasts, it usually doesn’t take long for the process to become quick and easy.

A hospital grade double pumping system is the most effective type of pump to use if your baby is not effectively breastfeeding and has the capability to establish and maintain a full milk supply.

Breast Shields (phalanges) for pumps must fit properly: 

The breast shield (phalange) that you place on your breast comes in different sizes.  It is very important that the shield you are using fits properly.  A shield that is too large or too small can cause sore nipples and is not effective in removing milk from your breasts. Information about fitting breast shields (phalanges) can be found on the Medela website. Even if your pump is not from Medela, you will find this information helpful.  If your shield is not a good fit, contact the manufacturer for a replacement size.  


The technique shown in the video link below may be helpful in maximizing milk production when pumping.

Although the video shows the technique for premature babies, it is a useful technique for all moms, regardless of the age of the baby.  

Stanford University – Maximizing Milk Production Using Hands On Pumping 


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