It is important that your baby feeds every 1-3 hours in the first few days

Newborns are often sleepy and may need to be awakened and encouraged to feed

  • You may need to wake your baby to ensure 8 or more feedings in 24 hours

  • Some babies will feed 4-5 times in 4-5 hours. This is normal and is called “cluster feeding”. After a cluster feeding your baby may sleep for a longer period of time

  • Signs your baby may be hungry: baby is making sucking movements, sucking sounds, putting his hands to his mouth and becoming restless

More Feedings = More Milk Produced

It is not the length of time at the breast that is important, but how much breastmilk your baby is drinking

  • It is important that your baby feed on the first breast until finished drinking

  • Always offer both breasts at each feed, even if baby seems satisfied after feeding on one breast

  • Some babies are not satisfied after the second breast and need to go back to the first again.  The breasts are filling up with milk the entire time the baby is drinking

  • Breast compression can be applied to the breast while the baby is breastfeeding to increase and maintain milk flow and to keep baby swallowing, this is especially helpful to keep a sleepy baby drinking.


Breast compression  

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