Supporting breastfeeding at the bedside:  A video by Jane Morton

What Physicians need to know to support breastfeeding moms: Recommendations from Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

ILCA- Ontario Best Start Videos:
Tersea Pitman: Why do Mothers Need Peer Support
Renée I.A. Mercuri & Monika Goodluck:“Collaborating to Support Racialized Women in Breastfeeding” 
Stephanie MacDonald: “Breastfeeding Our Children for the Health of Our Nation”
Deborah Mesher & Karen Derrah: “Empowering Mothers: information not advice”
Catherine Pestl presents: “Building Peer Breastfeeding Support with LLLC Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes”

Breastfeeding Is Normal: A photographic display of mothers nursing their child in various public settings. The more often we see mothers nursing in public places, the more accepted it will become.

At the BFI UK 2015 conference, Dr Helen Crawley of First Steps Nutrition gave a fascinating insight into how best to Work within the Code.  She discusses how we can support families however they choose to feed and still work within the Code, and all work better together to freeze out baby milk company influence.