Interesting Articles

January 2013

Sharjah to introduce breastfeeding education in schools 

September 2013

The Great Sleep Obsession (The Problem of Modern Day Life versus the Primitive Infant) | Sarah Ockwell-Smith

October 2013

How Other Cultures Prevent Post Partum Depression: Social Structures that Protect New Mothers’ Mental Health

January 2014

The Emirates’ Federal National Council has passed a clause, part of their new Child Rights Law, requiring new moms to breastfeed their babies for two full years, The National reports. Now, men can sue their wives if they don’t breastfeed

February 2016

NEW From Best Start:  Drinking Alcohol while Breastfeeding Desk Reference for Health Care Providers (HCP) 

March 2016

NEW The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Clinical Protocol #26: Persistent Pain with Breastfeeding  

April 2016

Breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem nursing, is it safe, recent research.

May 2016

Transmasculine individuals’ experiences with lactation, chestfeeding, and gender identity: a qualitative study | BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth