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Topics and resources for projects

Ethical marketing of infant foods

  • What happened in the past to decrease breastfeeding rate in the 1970’s to only 25% of women deciding to breastfeeding?
  • Possible search words include: Baby-Friendly Initiative; the psychology of marketing; ethical marketing of infant formula; baby milk action; restriction of choice – breastfeeding

The Baby-Friendly Initiative

  • What is the Baby-Friendly Initiative?
  • How many hospitals and health units are designated Baby-Friendly in Ontario?
  • What organizations in your Region are designated Baby-Friendly?
  • How does an organization become Baby-friendly?

Parents making an informed decision

  • What is an informed decision?
  • How does a person make an informed decision?
  • Research shows that parents need to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and the possible risks of formula in order to make an informed decision.  Why do families need to be aware of the risks of formula feeding?
  • How does the Baby-Friendly Initiative support the informed decision making process?

Breastfeeding in Public

  • How do individuals feel about breastfeeding in public? (males, females, younger individuals, older individuals)
  • What does Canadian law say about breastfeeding in public?
  • Why is it important to support women with breastfeeding in public?
  • Possible search words include: breastfeeding in Canada; Women’s right breastfeeding; Why it is important to breastfeed in public?

Sign out our life size, cardboard cut outs to raise awareness about breastfeeding in public.  The cut outs can be displayed in public spaces and used for class projects.  For information about signing out these cut outs email: